Mounts & Accessories


Travel Scope

Johnsonian Carbon Fibre Pop-up Telescope, 10-inch "LightBucket" Model 

Chosen one of the "Hot Products of 2005" by Sky & Telescope

A 10", f/4.7 lightweight Dobsonian, perfect for airline travel to dark-sky locations.  The entire scope weighs just 22 lbs. and sets up in minutes.  Includes premium optics package and heated optics to prevent dewing.  $58 per night or $259 per week, including eyepieces and travel case.



Telescope Mounts:

  • Vixen Super Polaris >> Equatorial mount, 15lb. capacity
  • Tele Vue Gibraltar >> Alt-azimuth mount, travel, optional digital setting circles
  • Tele Vue Panoramic >> Alt-azimuth mount, travel
  • Orion VersaGo >> Alt-azimuth mount, travel

Eyepieces and Accessories:

  • Tele Vue Panoptic, Nagler and Plossl eyepieces
  • Pentax SMC-XL/XW eyepieces
  • Lumicon Ultra High Contrast and Oxygen III filters
  • Full-aperture glass and Baader solar filters
  • Color planetary filters
  • Atlases and Planispheres