Telescope Packages:

Complete telescope packages include the optical tube assembly (OTA), mount, standard eyepieces, carrying cases, and complete instructions.  Premium wide-field eyepieces, such as Tele Vue Naglers, Tele Vue Panoptics and Pentax XW/XL, are available for an additional $15 per night or $75 per week.


In addition to complete packages, OTAs, mounts and accessories may be rented separately.  Please contact Scopes4Rent for details.

Rental Rates:

A two-night minimum is required on all local rentals; a one-week minimum is required on all shipped telescopes.  Longer-term rates are as follows: after one week, additional nights are on a pro-rata basis, and a full two-week rental is only 1.5 times the corresponding weekly rate.  For all shipped equipment, the customer is only charged for the actual rental time, not for any time in transit.

Shipping & Handling:

A flat handling charge will be added to all shipped orders.  Shipping charges are additional and will vary, depending on the distance shipped and method used.  Ground shipping will be used wherever possible, and all shipments will be fully insured.  Sales tax applies to all California residents.

Payment Methods:

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are proudly accepted.  Personal checks and money orders are acceptable in conjunction with one of the aforementioned cards.  A valid driver's license is also required for identification purposes.  All rental fees and shipping fees (if any) are due in advance.  The full daily rate will be charged for all late returns.