Hosted Sky Tours


Hosted day/night event for 250 guests
Late afternoon solar observing


Corporate/Private Star Parties:

Scopes4Rent is pleased to offer hosted Sky Tours featuring our wide variety of premium optics.  All Sky Tours are specifically tailored for the current season, taking into account both the viewing location and the audience.  A detailed description of each object will be given, and questions will be answered.  Sky Tours can be arranged for an hour or two, or an entire evening; the choice is yours.  Solar telescopes and spotting scopes are available for daytime viewing, or can be used for a combination daytime/nighttime Sky Tour.  Large parties are welcome.  Please contact Scopes4Rent for detailed information, including planning, pricing and scheduling.  References available upon request.


Personal Sky Tours:

Do you have a telescope sitting in the closet, gathering dust?  Would you like to be able to find more objects with it?  For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, a two-hour personal Sky Tour is available at a very reasonable price.  It will help familiarize you with the night sky, teach you how to operate all types of amateur telescopes, and answer any questions you might have regarding telescope types, their applications and what to expect from them.  In addition, telescope rentals are available at a 20% discount in conjunction with a Personal Sky Tour.


Examples of featured equipment:

16" Dobsonian telescope
10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
4" Refractor